Bacon and Mushrooms.

This one is very closely similar in method and ingredients to the classic French dish Rognons á la Moutarde, but so what? A lot of people do not like kidneys, or even offal of any sort, but there are few who do not like bacon and mushrooms. The method is a good one; quick, simple and very, very tasty. It is really good on toast for breakfast.


25g butter.

¼ cup olive oil.

1 small onion, finely chopped.

2 cups diced bacon.

2 cups sliced mushrooms.

Freshly ground black pepper.

½ cup red wine.

½ cup cream.

1 tablespoon chopped chives.


Melt the butter and oil together over a hot flame. Add the onion and stir fry until soft but do not allow to brown. Add the bacon and continue to stir fry until beginning to crisp. Add the mushrooms and continue to stir fry until most of the moisture has been absorbed. Add the wine and cook, stirring until almost all is absorbed. Add the cream and the chives and cook, bubbling, for two to three minutes or until the liquid thickens.

Serve immediately. If as a main course, serve with rice or couscous. If as an entrée, serve over croutons.

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