Eggs in a Basket.

Also known as Eggs in a hole, or Sun’s eye, or One eyed pirate, and numerous other names. There is no known origin for this seemingly ubiquitous light breakfast meal, and it has probably been around in some form or another for as long as there has been bread, which, if you really want to think about it [which few people actually do], is a very long time indeed. It is very quick to make but does require a bit of practice in order to cook both egg and bread to the desired consistency without burning either.



25g butter.

1 thick slice of bread.

1 egg.

Salt and pepper to taste.



Melt the butter in a clean pan over a low to medium heat. Cut a hole in the centre of the slice of bread using a cookie cutter or a tumbler, and place the slice in the pan. Waste not, want not, place the round bit to one side of the slice and fry it as well. Break an egg into the tumbler and pour it into the hole in the bread. Season with salt and pepper. Cook until the egg is reasonably firm and either cover for a few minutes to ensure that it is cooked through, or flip it and cook it on the other side. Cook for a minute or so, then slide onto a plate and eat it.

A rather more elaborate version of this is to beat the egg with a few finely chopped herbs when in the glass and pour it the mixture into the hole. Experiment with other variations e.g. a dash of anchovy with the herbs, or perhaps a pinch of curry powder. Be creative.


Serves: 1.


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