Chicken Malaga

I am not sure if this recipe is actually made in Malaga, a town on the South Coast of Spain, or not. True or not, it combines the quintessentially Spanish flavours of paprika and pomegranate into a quick and simple treat.


1 dessertspoon pomegranate molasses.

1 teaspoon paprika.

¼ teaspoon ground white pepper.

1 clove garlic, crushed.

Salt to taste.

1 dessertspoon olive oil.

2 chicken breast fillets, trimmed.

25g butter.

¼ cup olive oil.

½ cup red wine.

½ cup double cream.


Mix the pomegranate molasses, paprika, white pepper, garlic, salt and oil together and smear over the meat. Place in a bowl together with the rest of the paprika mix and leave in a cool place for at least two hours. Turn one or two times.

Heat the oven to 230°C. Heat an iron skillet on a hot flame. Melt the oil and butter together and brown the meat on both sides. Scrape all the marinade onto the meat and place in the oven. Pan roast for six or seven minutes each side then remove and keep warm.

Replace the pan on to a hot flame and add the wine, scraping until the pan is deglazed and most of the wine has reduced. Add the cream and stir through. Bring to the boil and simmer, stirring, for three or four minutes until thickened. Place a tablespoon of the sauce on each of two plates, place the fillets on the sauce and serve, with the balance of the sauce on the side. Serve with couscous and a crunchy salad.


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