Jubilee Cherries

Something quick and easy but decadently rich, and it can be made the night before. By simply changing the fruit, it is simple to create Jubilee Strawberries, Jubilee Raspberries, Jubilee Blueberries, etc. You can use slightly under-ripe cherries if you wish; adjust the amount of sugar accordingly.



¾ cup Marsala.

1 tablespoon brown sugar.

¼ teaspoon grated nutmeg.

300g ripe cherries, stoned [or 1 410g can dark cherries, drained].

Whipped cream.



Bring the wine, sugar and nutmeg to the boil in a small pan and poach the cherries for five minutes. Remove the cherries and reserve in a container. Continue to simmer the liquor for another ten minutes until syrupy. Pour the syrup over the cherries, cover and refrigerate. Transfer the cherries and liquor equally into two parfait glasses and top with whipped cream.


Serves: 2.

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