Pea and Halloumi Fritters

Susan Lee, a regular at seafood and vegetarian restaurant Dux Dine, called the Christchurch ‘Press’ and asked if they could get this recipe from the chef as it is a favourite of hers. It was published in the Press Life section on 3rd October 2018, page 4, as Pea and Halloumi Fritters. Halloumi [or haloumi] is a semi-hard brined cheese that seems to have originated in Cyprus, where it has been made for millennia. It is made from a mixture of goat and sheep milk, and it has a high melting point which means it can be, and often is, used as a meat substitute in vegetarian dishes.

Note: Any left over mixture can be formed into little balls [use two teaspoons] and deep fried in oil or seethed in hot stock then served on toothpicks as a nibble.



1/3 cup milk.

2 eggs.

1 cup plain flour.

1 tsp baking powder.

Salt and pepper to taste.

1 tsp cumin.

1 tsp coriander.

1 ½ cups peas, pureed.

¼ cup chopped mint.

150g Halloumi cheese, grated.



Whisk the milk and eggs together, then whisk in the flour, salt spices and baking powder until a smooth batter forms. Whisk in all the other ingredients except the butter. Form the batter into fritters and fry in the butter until cooked through and golden brown on the outside.


Serve with: Curried chick peas and a green salad.


Yield: 6 patties using a 1/3 scoop.

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