083 Christchurch Civic Awards – the citations.

The annual Christchurch Civic Awards were inaugurated in 1990 during the first term of the incumbancy of Mayor Vickie Buck, inspired by the nationwide sesquicentennial celebrations. I was given the task of preparing the citatations, which were delivered in the Mayor’s Lounge of the old Civic Offices in Tuam Street in December of 1990. It has been my duty and my privilege to prepare the citations for every ceremony since save one; in 2001 I had a heart attack and was in hospital at the time.

Nominations are solicited mid-year and returned to the Council with supporting information, all of which is examined by a committee of elected members, and eventually laurates are selected. This wad of paper is then passed to me and it becomes my task to study each nomination and from the information supplied distil a citation of between 150 and 180 words describing the nominee’s achievements.

This by means an easy task. Often this information represents years, or decades, or even a lifetime of dedicated service to the community without remuneration, or recognition or even thanks. The only reward is the knowledge of a job well done, a necessary task fulfilled. To try to reduce a lifetime of work into less than two hundred words could well be presumptuous, but it is my job to ensure that the citation encapsulates that work in a suitably appreciative manner. The results are listed below, and you may judge for yourself if I have properly discharged my duty.

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