Volunteer Award Citations 2011.


Volunteer Recognition Awards 2011.

St Marks Presbyterian Church, Withells Road, Avonhead, Christchurch.

5th December 2011.


For more than three years, Arnold Davidson has been a valued member of the Alzheimer’s Canterbury Volunteer team.  As a member of the Immediate Response Volunteer Team after February’s earthquake, Arnold visited people with dementia throughout the city to provide friendly support and assistance. With roads so badly damaged, the need for volunteer drivers for people with dementia increased. Arnold also took on this role with his usual can-do attitude and high quality of service.  He continues to be an ambassador for the organisation, helping them raise funds and co-ordinate events, as well as doing many fix-it jobs around the office. Arnold Davidson of Alzheimer’s Canterbury


To work as a volunteer at the Christchurch Anglican Diocese Archives requires training to acquire the skills necessary to undertake the tasks correctly, and a long term commitment.    Volunteers decipher and transcribe documents, and make lists of parish magazines, service sheets, and correspondence.  They also index, check, and input Parish Registers on computer.  The volunteers understand the care needed when handling these documents, and are always willing to share their knowledge and expertise with others in the group.  All this work enhances the archival collections and contributes enormously to making the records available for public use and research. Archives Volunteers of Christchurch Anglican Diocese.


Bill Guiney has been a volunteer with English Language Partners since 2003 and Chair since in 2009. His positive outlook and ability to see the big picture have been invaluable. He is equally at home tutoring, examining financial accounts, or writing a strategic plan. Despite working full time, Bill contributes a phenomenal amount of time to the organisation. He connects easily with people, recognising and encouraging their strengths, and on February 22nd, while his wife was trapped in the PGC Building, Bill was on the phone checking that everyone at English Language Partners was okay. The organisation would not be where it is today without Bill’s hours of voluntary service, strategic and innovative thinking. Bill Guiney of English Language Partners, Christchurch.


Bronwyn Croucher is an integral part of the Canterbury/West Coast Branch of CanTeen and a favourite with the members.  She is always the first to put up her hand whenever help is needed, whether that is at a fundraiser, to help with an activity, or away on a camp. When she is unable to volunteer at a camp, she turns up on the morning before they leave with packages of home baking.  Everyone at CanTeen agrees this is some of the best home baking you’ll ever eat. She is studying at Canterbury University, and despite the craziness around Christchurch over the past year and all the disruptions, she has remained a loyal and committed Volunteer at CanTeen. Bronwyn Croucher of CanTeen Canterbury/West Coast


The Budget Advisers of Catholic Social Services freely give their time to clients and often accompany them to Work and Income offices to make sure they receive their full entitlements.    They both spend a considerable amount of time contacting creditors and negotiating reasonable payments for clients in debt, and their success rate is impressive.  They also refer clients to counselling or social workers as needed.  Between them they put in an average of forty hours weekly.  Cindy Surgay has volunteered with Catholic Social Services for over twenty years.  Michael Riley has volunteered for four years, and also spends Thursdays at Linwood Link to ensure that clients who are in urgent need don’t have to wait too long. Budget Advisers of Catholic Social Services, Cindy Surgay and Michael Riley.


Christine Lake has been a Plunket volunteer in Canterbury since 2000. In 2005 she was elected to the New Zealand Council, in which role she had prime responsibility for good governance for the 54 volunteer committees in Canterbury.  Christine was part of the small, dynamic team that managed the building of the Canterbury Plunket Centre. Christine’s excellent communication and organisational skills, and her friendly and warm personality have ensured effective leadership to all Canterbury Plunket volunteers.  Last year she was elected to the Royal NZ Plunket Society National Board. It would be hard to find a volunteer more dedicated to her cause. She is Christine Lake of the  Royal New Zealand Plunket Society.


Chris Williams joined the North Canterbury Mini Bus Trust as a minibus driver, on a fortnightly roster picking up Presbyterian Support’s older Day Centre clients. He soon filled in on other days, and then became part of the Presbyterian Support Transport Service taking older or disabled people to medical appointments in Kaiapoi, Rangiora, and Christchurch, and on the HomeShare Programme days out. Over the past two years, Chris has made over forty trips to Christchurch and Burwood hospitals, and driven seven thousand kilometres for the HomeShare programme.  He epitomises a true volunteering spirit, with his no-nonsense, solution-focused, cheerful and selfless willingness. Presbyterian Support wishes they could clone Chris. Chris Williams of Presbyterian Support Upper South Island.


For over a decade Craig Steven has been a mentor and friend to young people in the Selwyn District.  He runs a fortnightly youth event with a regular attendance of over sixty.  His mentoring includes music tuition, as well as spending time with the students’ families, talking through difficult issues.  At considerable personal cost he has set up an audio visual system and taught the students how to use it.  He also travelled to Tanzania as a volunteer to use his skills to set up an outdoor solar battery powered movie system. This led to a group from Canterbury being able to better teach the locals about the dangers of HIV Aids. Craig Steven of the Lincoln Baptist Church


Elizabeth Deuchrass served on the Board of the Battered Women’s Trust for four years, the last two years as Chairperson.  She oversaw the rapid growth of services and support provided by the Battered Women’s Refuge to victims of domestic violence within the Canterbury community.  This included the appointment of a frontline Family Safety Team at the Christchurch Police Station, the establishment of a North Canterbury office, and recognition in 2010 that the organisation is the leading provider of Domestic Violence support services to the Canterbury Community.  Elizabeth also served on a number of sub committees and was instrumental in the development of the strategic plan. She is Elizabeth Deuchrass of the  Battered Women’s Trust.


Elizabeth Risk began volunteering for Anglican Aged Care when she joined the ‘Care of Aged Committee’ in 1993, a role she continued until 2009.  In 1996 she started to volunteer at the Fitzgerald Retirement Complex, visiting residents, helping them with activities, and assisting them to chapel services.  Elizabeth subsequently moved to do similar work at the Churchill Retirement Complex. She brought her intelligence and wide experience to her work as a volunteer and worked hard to make life better for the residents.  Her work at Churchill ended when the complex had to be closed following the February earthquake. She is Elizabeth Risk of Anglican Aged Care.


Joshua Allan-Johns and Sam Redman, who are currently full time students at Canterbury University, have been Youth Leaders for the Rangiora Anglican Youth Group for three years.  They lead the Friday Night small group together every week, are youth leaders at Sunday Night Youth Group and attend group activities and camps when required.  They are also members of the church band which practices weekly and plays most Sundays.  Their voluntary work is inspirational and an excellent example to other young people.  It’s impressive how much time and energy these young guys give up for others and the impact their guidance and leadership has on the young people around them.  Friday Night Youth Leaders of the Rangiora Anglican Youth Group – Sam Redman and Joshua Allan-Johns.


Gordon Hardacre has been a volunteer fireman in South Canterbury since 1960, and was appointed Chief Fire Officer in St Andrews in 1989.  He has devoted endless hours to the safety of the community, attending many fires and motor vehicle accidents, as well as running social events and meetings, and carrying out training.  He and his crew did fire safety work within the community, checking fire safety and installing smoke alarms. He also played a primary role in the many medical calls where the St Andrews Brigade was a first response unit for St John Ambulance.  Gordon retired from the fire service a few months ago, following fifty-one years of voluntary service. He is Gordon Hardacre of the New Zealand Fire Service.


Greg Skene was the driving force behind the Coastguard response to assist Civil Defence after the September and February earthquakes.  With very little sleep or rest he arranged rosters and made up shortfalls in staff himself, once working 36 hours straight.  Greg ensured Civil Defence was supported, and provided a vital liaison and co-ordination function, all during a time when he was dealing with personal loss and grief.  With another volunteer he organised the red, yellow, and green stickering of buildings around the CBD red zone, which led to Coastguard being asked to facilitate the opening of the cordons around the city, and assist businesses to recover essential documents. He is Greg Skene of Coastguard Southern Region.


Gwen Cairney is an integral member of the Council of Social Services in Christchurch.  Her main focus has been on making sure the Board has accurate and up-to-date information, and that all documents are correctly typed, printed, and sorted. She has been coming in weekly for over seven years, and is always cheerful, chatty, and fabulously good-natured.  If morning or afternoon teas are required she’s always there, working hard, and COSS meetings wouldn’t be the same without her.  She attends forums and groups to keep up with COSS and its work and her input is invaluable.  She will always go the extra mile and takes an avid interest in COSS and its projects. She is Gwen Cairney of the Council of Social  Services in Christchurch.


After retiring in the late 1980’s Hans Nijland heard a radio advertisement calling for volunteers.  He has been volunteering ever since. He started with CCS assisting with their swimming programme at Burwood Hospital.  Next he started driving CCS members to programmes and on holidays, as well as delivering Meals on Wheels for many years.  Later he volunteered with a CCS Community Group, supporting members in craft activities and games.  This group evolved into the Canterbury Step out Centre where he has been involved for the past five years.  Hans helps people to participate in Boccia, assists with Special Olympics, and has been volunteering at an IHC Community Home for over twelve years. Hans Nijland of the Canterbury Step Out Centre


Helen Murphy has supported the work of the Pathway Trust for six years. As an assistant on the Restorative Justice Programme she has an invaluable ability to ensure that everything goes smoothly.  All the participants relate well to Helen who makes them feel comfortable and supported.  She is the kind of person who will lend a hand no matter what the situation.  She is kind, selfless, and caring, has a great sense of humour, and brightens any conversation with her positive nature.  The Pathway team is grateful for all the hours Helen has donated to their work and feel blessed to have her as part of the team. Helen Murphy of the Pathway Trust.


Jaimee Watson is a fourteen year old student at Aranui High.  She has been involved with Home and Family Society for two years, assisting with the Floral Carpet Event at the Christchurch Cathedral, and collecting during the Gold Star Appeal.  She raised a hundred dollars by nominating Home and Family Society as her charity when completing the Buller Half Marathon.  She also volunteers with Rechurch, assisting with their Community events.  Working with Rechurch and the Red Cross she distributed blankets and water to affected homes following the June earthquake.  All those who work with Jaimee are amazed by her maturity, her willingness to help, her ability to follow through until the job is done, and her sweet spirit. Jaimee Watson of the Home and Family Society


Jenny and John Hoskin have for a number of years led a small group of volunteers who maintain the Edmonds Factory Garden in Ferry Road.  In March 2010 they registered with the City Council’s Graffiti “Off the Wall” programme, and since then they and their team have removed countless acts of graffiti vandalism from the Garden.  Graffiti has been removed from the toilets, the playground equipment, the seats, the fence lines, and the general garden area.  They’ve followed this up with numerous phone calls and paperwork to keep the police and the Graffiti Office informed.  Their tireless efforts ensure the Edmonds Factory Garden, a unique city landmark, retains its unspoiled beauty. Jenny and John Hoskin of the Christchurch City Council’s Graffiti Office.


St John of God, Halswell, is a special community which provides residential care and support for physically and neurologically disabled adults, and Kent Richards is an outstanding and very special volunteer.  Kent is always first in line to do anything that’s needed.  He helps with the activities programme two days a week, and visits many residents, assisting with computer access, and playing cards.   Recently he accompanied residents to the Canterbury A & P show on two days.  Kent literally goes the extra mile, driving one resident to Netball matches at Hagley Park every Wednesday evening.  He freely gives his time and energy to enrich community life at St John of God, Halswell. He is Kent Richards of St John of God, Halswell.


Lyndsay Voice started volunteering with the Canterbury Arthritis Society soon after she was diagnosed with arthritis in the late 1990’s.  Since then she has worked tirelessly in a number of roles while the Society has undergone many changes.  Throughout this time Lyndsay has remained a true and valuable constant, a source of much information and support for new volunteer and paid staff.  She is extremely reliable and always ready to share her time and expertise.  Currently Lyndsay spends at least two days a week in the Southern Regional Centre, overseeing volunteer programmes, assisting the fundraiser, and undertaking administration duties.  Her dedication to Arthritis New Zealand and to people with arthritis is greatly appreciated. She is Lyndsay Voice of Arthritis New Zealand – Southern Region.


For two weeks after the February earthquake, while Lyttelton was isolated, Mark Buckley co-ordinated the response effort of the New Zealand Fire Service with the Army and Navy to provide support to Lyttelton residents. He oversaw the logistics and welfare of his team and their families, working in excess of twelve hours a day. To illustrate the high esteem in which Mark is held by the Fire Service, he has also been called on to assist with appointment interviews, dispute resolutions, and working groups such as the fleet management team.  All of this time is given voluntarily over and above his role as the Chief Fire Officer of the Lyttelton Volunteer Fire Brigade. He is Mark Buckley of the Lyttelton Volunteer Fire Brigade.


Matt Barnes started as a volunteer cook on Community Development Network Trust’s kids’ holiday camps four years ago, and has been a consistent volunteer ever since.  He has been a fantastic Camp Leader looking after a cabin of six boys for a week at a time.  After eighteen months of volunteering Matt really wanted to do more, and over the last two years he has given two days a week to assist in the organisation and running of the camps, and the Wycola Teen after school Hangout. Matt is passionate about youth work and has really put his heart and soul into the camps. Matt Barnes of the Community Development Network Trust.


Merilyn Girvin has cooked a meal for thirty men in the Night Shelter once a week for over nine years.  She doesn’t know until she gets there how many she is to cook for, or what ingredients she has, but her exceptional culinary skills enable her to produce an appetising meal every time. Since the February earthquake the Night Shelter kitchen has been out of action, but Merilyn has continued her usual role and has cooked the meal in her own home, taking it to the Shelter for the residents to enjoy.  Even the snow didn’t stop her.  Merilyn’s generosity makes a big difference in the lives of these marginalised clients. She is Merilyn Girvin of the Christchurch  City Mission.


This group of volunteers support Horizons Day Options Trust with the ongoing development of a plant nursery.  The purpose of the nursery is to provide employment and work experience for adults with an intellectual disability.  Annuals, perennials, and vegetable plants are grown.  The volunteers’ work includes planting seeds, propagation, weeding, potting plants, watering, delivering plants for sale, and driving employees to the nursery.  After the September earthquake, lack of water forced a relocation of the nursery.  The volunteers spent many long hours, over and above their original commitment, assisting with moving the whole operation, and ensuring that it was securely re-established. The Plant Nursery Volunteers of Horizons Day Options Trust, and the Award will be received by Liz Arlington and Faye Perry.


Mavis Snelson and Kathleen Petersen have been volunteering at Burwood Hospital for three years and two years respectively.  Every Tuesday they take the mobile shop trolley around the wards of the hospital offering confectionery, toiletries and a friendly face to the staff, the patients, and their families.  This year, despite living in the red zone and battling flooding, liquefaction, aftershocks, and housing insecurity, Mavis and Kathleen have continued to volunteer during this very difficult time and provide a valuable service to Burwood Hospital.  Mavis also volunteers for Meals on Wheels and for Civil Defence, and assisted others following the September earthquake. The Tuesday Mobile Shop Volunteers of the New Zealand Spinal Trust at Burwood Hospital


Michelle Lily has been a volunteer at the Women’s Centre since 2007, as a Board member, Board Chair, and volunteer counsellor.  She has provided free counselling two days a week since February 2008.  Michelle resigned from the Women’s Centre Board in June 2010, but after the February earthquake when a number of Board members left Christchurch, she returned, and was instrumental in setting up the new Centre in Hills Road, as well as re-establishing the free counselling service.  This was a huge job involving nine counsellors and 32 clients.  Her loyalty and wisdom as a Board member, and her great support for the Centre Manager are very much appreciated. She is Michelle Lily of the Women’s Centre.


The Summit Road Society has a passion for the Port Hills.  Mike White is a twenty year member who personifies this passion and has spent countless hours building walking tracks, planting native trees, and battling weeds and animal pests.  He has been a member of the Ohinetahi Reserve working group since 1996, a Board member of the Society since 1999, and President from 2005 to 2009.  Although he prefers the hands-on work, Mike has willingly given time to committee work, meetings, and addressing local groups.  His commitment and enthusiasm have never flagged.  The Society is proud to acknowledge the contribution he has made to its work. He is Mike White of the Summit Road Society.


The voluntary contribution of Neale Tomlinson is an integral part of the St Chad’s Community Outreach programme.  Neale is one of the founders of the weekly Friendship Club which offers activities and afternoon tea and he helps organise the weekly Community Lunch and monthly Men’s Breakfast.  He provides tea and toast on Sunday mornings and helps with the Sunday School.  He works in the St Chad’s community garden, helps maintain the church grounds, and leads a group which regularly removes rubbish from local streets.  As he walks around his local community he takes every opportunity to offer friendship and assistance.  Neale’s generous use of his time to help others is exceptional. He is Neale Tomlinson of St Chad’s Anglican Church, Linwood.


Rosemary Milburn has been a friendship programme volunteer with IHC for over ten years.  This entails spending quality one-on-one time on an ongoing basis with a person who has an intellectual disability.  She has also given her time to take other people with an intellectual disability out for walks or coffee from their Vocational Base. After the major earthquakes in spite of the difficulties of travel and relocation of people, Rosemary still carried on with her outings, and was one of the first to make contact to ensure everyone was safe. IHC Idea Services staff appreciate Rosemary’s caring nature and her selfless giving of her time and energy. She is Rosemary Milburn of IHC Volunteering


Warmline Canterbury relies on the commitment and passion of thirty volunteers to provide telephone peer support to people experiencing mental illness.  The last twelve months have been challenging for many of their volunteers, with a significant number suffering major damage to their homes.  The Warmline building and phone system was damaged and they had to use a temporary system to keep the line running.  Volunteers showed commitment and flexibility, working with a different system, completing extra shifts and continuing to support people who are struggling with life experiences.  Warmline has been able to increase the service hours to seven days a week from 1pm till midnight, thanks to this amazing group of volunteers. The Warmline Volunteers of Comcare Trust, and the Award will be accepted by Ann and Margarite.


The Youth Leaders of the Hurunui Youth Programme are all in year 13 and have all been involved with the Programme since it began in 2008.  They have had a vital role, chairing and attending Youth Meetings, helping to organise activities, selling tickets, doing promotion, and helping to run many events.  They are outstanding role models to younger people and have shown excellent examples of leadership by getting involved and giving back to the programme that they have been a part of for so many years. They all give up much time and energy for the Hurunui Youth Programme, their schools and their communities. Youth Leaders of the Hurunui Youth Programme.

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