Volunteer Award Citations 2014

Volunteering Canterbury

Volunteer Recognition Awards Citations 2014 

The Reception Room, Christchurch City Council Civic Building,

18th July 2014.

Coleen Dunlop of the Wainoni/Avonside Community Services Trust For more than twelve years Coleen Dunlop has volunteered several hours on three days each week for the Wainoni/Avonside Community Services Trust which works predominately with the elderly in Christchurch’s Eastern suburbs. She takes care of all the refreshments duties at various events, some of which attract a hundred people.   Coleen remembers how the regular attendees have their drinks, and chats with them about what’s happening in their lives. She also helps with weekly packaging for a Vege Co-op. Having had major heart surgery nineteen years ago has not stopped Coleen.   The Trust Co-ordinator says: “She is the most generous and kind person I know and would do anything for anyone if she feels she can help them out.”

John Fry of St Luke’s Centre. John Fry has given a lifetime of service for people who experience disadvantage or disability. When he was the Community Advisor for the Christchurch City Council he worked to promote volunteering.   After retiring in 1984 John was elected Chairman of the St Luke’s Centre which provides a friendly social environment for people with psychological, emotional, and social needs. Since 1992, he has been a volunteer in St Luke’s Monday session and continues to bring joy and pleasure to members. Many members who experience the effects of enduring mental illness enjoy the time of friendly contact with John each week, and enjoy playing board games with him. Often John will be seen quietly listening and talking with a member who may need reassurance or encouragement. Over the years John has remained a loyal supporter of other volunteers and members, always willing to assist.

Ila and Ray Frost of St Ambrose Anglican Church. Ila and Ray Frost have lived in Aranui since their marriage sixty years ago.   They have been an integral part of the St Ambrose Church community, taking many leadership and supportive roles over the decades. On any day of the week you can find Ray, a former builder, repairing anything from a broken door lock to the heating system.   He also is an important part of the Drop-in Café, always ready to chat and share his welcoming smile with people. Ray was responsible for building the Café, which he did voluntarily on weekends and evenings. For many years he held the position of Vicar’s Warden, a role which Ila has recently taken over.   She is also involved in organising Food Bank stock, as well as doing most of the assessment of Clients. Ila handles the church premises hire, oversees the Drop-In Café, is on the Annual Fair Committee, helps with rosters and the Day Care Programme for the elderly, as well as preparation for the regular Communion Service. Nothing is ever too much for this gem of a couple!

Lynette Madeley of the Rangiora Baptist Craft Group. Lynette Madeley has volunteered with the Rangiora Baptist Craft Group for over twenty years. She organises many varied craft activities, and cares for the seventy ladies in the group, making contact with them when they are ill.   Lynette and her team provide a great meeting place where people feel welcome and cared for. Lynette is also a great cook who can be relied upon to feed the hungry with emergency meals, and she make cakes and jam to raise funds for orphans in Africa.   She is also involved in Operation Cover-up which supplies clothing and handmade wool blankets to orphans in Eastern Europe. Lynette’s cheerful and kind nature and serving compassion make her very worthy to receive recognition for all the years of giving love to others in a practical way.

Keith Walker of Pathway Charitable Group. For five years Keith Walker has been a valuable asset to the Pathway Reintegration team. His main role is as a mentor where he gives guidance and a listening ear to a released prisoner as they reintegrate back into the community.   This role is vital in ensuring that these men have good role models in their life. Keith is also a driver for the weekly alcohol and drug support group which takes him all over the city, collecting clients and returning them to their homes afterwards.   This enables people to attend regularly. Both staff and clients appreciate Keith’s kind, upbeat nature and willingness to help out wherever he can. He is a wonderful volunteer and very reliable. Keith says that the contact with the guys and watching them turn things around gives him a real buzz.

Mini Bus Drivers of North Canterbury Mini Bus Trust. The North Canterbury Mini Bus Trust has provided a bus service to older persons and residents in North Canterbury who are intellectually or physically challenged, for twenty-seven years. Currently there are eighteen volunteer drivers supported by another volunteer who watches over the buses and their maintenance. They provide transport to a local day club for older persons and a door to door shopper’s service. This has proven to be of enormous value to people living in isolation, particularly those who have given up their driver’s licenses. Drivers undertake to attend training in first aid and wheelchair handling. They are a remarkable team who support the passengers, each other, and in turn, the Mini Bus Trust.

Look Good Feel Better volunteers. Look Good Feel Better is a free service run by volunteers, to women undergoing treatment for cancer.   The aim is to help restore and enhance the appearance of cancer patients, during and after treatment. Volunteers offer guidance, information, beauty skills and makeover expertise at special workshops throughout Canterbury, which have been running since 1992. Trained volunteers give up their time on a weekly basis to help women with cancer to develop greater confidence and a renewed sense of self, working with small, informal groups to transform not just their look, but their outlook as well. Everyone who attends a workshop receives a bag of beauty products, together with professional advice, and is taught the skills to perform a new beauty regime at home. The atmosphere is fun, informal, supportive and caring. Volunteers also visit hospitals to promote the programme and facilitate fundraising events to support it. Look Good Feel Better could not exist without these fabulous volunteers.

Children’s Group Leaders of the Familial Trust. These amazing volunteers are leaders for the Familial Trust Children’s Group. This is a weekly group for five to thirteen year olds who have a parent with an addiction. The idea is for the children to have fun in a safe place where they can just be kids. The group leaders volunteer two hours of their time every week. One hour is for setup and debriefing and one hour is with the children. The leaders also attend quarterly training and planning meetings where they learn new skills and are responsible for planning the term’s activities. Eight of these volunteers have been committed to the group for a long time and this year three new ones have joined. These group leaders are dedicated, loving, fun, passionate, generous people, and the Children’s Group could not run without them.

Carol Davies, City Park Community Patrol Inc.Since joining Riccarton Community Watch in 2003 Carol Davies has been an active patroller. She has served on the committee for the past five years and was chairperson for two years. In April 2011 she was part of the group that formed City Park Community Patrol Incorporated and has been active in that organisation ever since. Her dedication to her community and her commitment to community patrols is outstanding. This voluntary effort assists in reducing crime and benefitting victims, and is an integral part of the vision of safer communities together.

Barbara James of Christchurch Netball Centre. Everyone who goes to Netball knows Barbara James who has volunteered in the Christchurch Netball Centre office each Saturday during the Netball season for the past eighteen years. Her diminutive frame belies her energy, enthusiasm and passion for netball. Her loyalty and length of service are rare in today’s pressured environment. She is always friendly and conscientious, and generous with encouragement for players and officials. Barbara’s role involves answering questions about game times and court numbers, directing family and friends to the right game, passing out information, and taking and entering final scores, plus much more.   Her ability to sort order out of chaos is much admired. Despite being forced by earthquakes to move to Rangiora she still makes the trek into Christchurch every Saturday to continue her voluntary contribution. Such is her dedication!


Judith McGregor of the Christchurch City Mission. Judith McGregor has volunteered at the Christchurch City Mission Hereford Street Shop for one day each week for over twenty-seven years. Her role includes pricing, sorting, displaying, serving customers, and helping to keep everything organised. Each week she arrives with her car loaded up with items that have been collected by her church for the City Mission. Judith is always cheerful and contributes to a positive team spirit. Other workers say: She is a delight to work with, she is always willing to assist with any task, she is a volunteer we can always depend on, and she has the ability to get on with everyone.


Riccarton Community Watch Volunteers. Riccarton Community Watch is one of the longest serving groups with the Christchurch City Council’s Graffiti Programme, having registered with the pilot project in 2008. The loyal support and commitment from such volunteers during this trial period led to the creation of the Graffiti Office and the ‘Off the Wall’ programme. Together with other community services Riccarton Community Watch has been responsible for the recording and reporting of countless acts of graffiti vandalism within the Riccarton area. Acting as the Council’s eyes and ears their thirty members complete an average of just under a hundred hours of voluntary work each month and send out a very clear message that graffiti vandalism will not be tolerated. These volunteers are incredibly passionate about their community and those fortunate enough to live there receive the benefit of their actions.

Daisy Stainton of CCS Disability Action. Daisy Stainton has given twelve years of outstanding service to CCS Disability Action, as a valued and reliable volunteer who is called on for variety of roles. Her involvement includes Holiday Programmes, Camps, Recreation Programmes, and Youth Group Activities. Volunteers support youth with disabilities and provide guidance in many ‘life-skills’ areas. Daisy has exceeded expectations in her dedication to her role. She is outgoing and friendly with great sense of humour. Daisy never hesitates to join in an activity and her enthusiasm is contagious to both young people and other volunteers. From starting a sing-along, to getting everyone in bed on time, or being the first one to throw food in a food fight, Daisy ensures young people have the best possible experience when in her company.

Louise Cameron of Cashmere Netball Club. Louise Cameron has been involved with Cashmere Netball for more than fifteen years. During that time she’s continued to play, but, more importantly, Louise has devoted many years to helping ensure the smooth and successful running of the Club. She has filled the role of coach/manager for the team she plays in, been on the committee, and been coaching co-ordinator, working closely to support all the volunteer coaches, which has been greatly appreciated by the recipients. Louise is always at the forefront when it comes to fundraising or helping to organise events, supported by her husband, Ewen. Cashmere Netball feels privileged to have Louise involved, and they appreciate her contribution.

Patricia Leech of the Canterbury Workers’ Educational Association. Patricia Leech began attending courses at the Canterbury Workers’ Educational Association when she moved to Christchurch in 1980 and found it was a good way to learn about the Canterbury region and to meet interesting people. She started to help organise the educational programme, and during the 1980’s and 1990’s she was one of a small group who kept the WEA going by carrying out administrative and organisational tasks. She was elected to the WEA Council, has served as President, and was on the Executive Committee for twenty years. She was made a Life Member in 1996, and currently holds the position of programme convenor. Patricia is greatly respected for her wise counsel and vast institutional knowledge.

Reception Volunteers of the Cancer Society. The Cancer Society has benefitted greatly from the gift of time and the talents of their wonderful team of regular Reception Volunteers. The monthly roster ensures that each shift is covered with a warm and friendly response to inquiries on the phones or face to face at the front desk. These Volunteers are very resourceful and willing to take on any task from mail outs to gift wrapping, and shop sales. After the earthquakes with many office relocations, the volunteers took a break. In July last year the reception volunteers began assisting again and the Cancer Society is delighted to have the team back on board. Some of these volunteers are new and some have been reception shop volunteers for more than twenty years. The Society is very grateful for their service.

Celia Johnson of Bishopdale Community Trust. Celia Johnson has been with the Bishopdale Community Trust for seven years. She has volunteered for both the Morning Tea and Lunch groups. This involves baking, preparing and serving sandwiches in the summer months, and soup and toast in the winter. Celia ensures that all visitors sign the book and provides a listening ear to anyone who may need help or someone to talk to. She has contributed much through many voluntary roles with the Trust and within the wider local community. Celia helps with extra tasks that need doing at the Trust. If she notices something that needs attention she attends to it immediately.

Graham Martin of Avonside House Trust. Graham Martin has for many years given generously to at least five community organisations. The manager of Avonside House has found Graham to be very proactive and supportive. Without his support her already challenging position would be far more stressful. As a direct result of the February 2011 earthquake Avonside House Trust experienced considerable hardship and lost their main building. This meant that twenty-two residents and five employees ‘camped’ on site for five days and four nights until evacuated by the Ministry of Health. Graham’s own life was dramatically affected by this earthquake but he gave even more generously of his time and took risks to do so. This is only one example of Graham’s commitment to the welfare of the community.

Moira MacLeod of Alzheimers Canterbury, Ashburton Branch. Moira MacLeod has been a volunteer for Alzheimers Canterbury Ashburton Branch for twenty-five years, supporting numerous clients and their carers over this time. Moira is present at carer support groups where her warm and friendly nature is obvious to all. She collects for the Alzheimers’ annual appeal and is always willing to lend a helping hand when one is needed. She also visits residents with dementia in a rest home, and visits the sick in hospital as part of a church group. She has delivered Meals on Wheels and volunteers in the Save the Children Fund shop. Moira is a bright and cheerful lady who epitomises love in action.

Flatman of All Right? Campaign. There’s a lot of mystery around Flatman. This anonymous superhero saw a need to support Cantabrians post-quake so he bought a lycra bodysuit, created a persona, and set to work. In the past three years Flatman has delivered hundreds of food parcels to families in need, visited dozens of schools, staged a superhero day for an ill boy, and boosted thousands of Cantabrians. Wherever he goes, he attracts attention (probably something to do with the lycra suit!) and he makes people feel good. His motto “Be a bruv, share the love” speaks volumes as to his ethos. His dedication to boosting and helping people is inspiring. It’s high time he was recognised for all his selfless, inspiring volunteering!

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