087 The Watering Holes – an historical essay.

The following notes began as a series of talks that I was commissioned to present during the 1993 and 1995 “Heritage Week” tours of historic hotels of Christchurch, events organised and sponsored by Lion Breweries Ltd. Over a period of years they have grown, in an admittedly rather haphazard manner, into a somewhat more substantial document that I hope shall be of interest to those who would like to know a little more about the history both of the City of Christchurch and the liquor culture of the City as it has evolved over the last century and a half. They should be of interest to very many Cantabrians, as there would be few residents of Christchurch who have not, at some time in their lives, sat in at least one of these pubs and enjoyed a drink. Many people will have worked in them, or had friends or relations who have in some way been involved with their history. The notes are, of course, far from exhaustive and there are bound to be errors of both omission and fact. If anyone, having read it, should have any comments or criticisms, additions or alterations, or indeed any suggestions or further information (especially contemporary written material) on the old pubs of Christchurch I would be delighted to hear from you: we could talk about it over a pint or five.

I would like to acknowledge the assistence of the following, without which this essay would not have begun, let alone completed.

All those who attended the 120th Birthday of the Grosvenor Tavern. Max Bremner. The Canterbury Law Library. Canterbury Breweries. The Canterbury Museum Library. The Canterbury Public Library. Kevin and Lorraine Fowke. Richard Greenaway. Alf Grey of the Royal George. John Huggins. Peter Ingram. Bernard Lawrence. Dave Marriot. Christine McFarlane. Fred Mercer. The Mumford family. Colin Murphy. The National Archives. N.Z. Breweries. N.Z. Historic Places Trust. Lyn O’Keefe. John and Jane Renall. Pam Wilson.

                        Stephen Symons,

Author’s Note

Certain references in the text are marked, in parentheses, by the abbreviation “Mac”, plus a letter and a number, eg (MacT322). This refers to the indices of the G R MacDonald Dictionary of Canterbury Biographies held in the library and archives of the Canterbury Museum and full acknowledgement of this quite incredible resource is hereby most gratefully given.

For details of individual hotels, scroll down the menu to the left of the screen until you come to 087-Watering Holes, and select your pub from the list below.

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