The evolving discipline of a structured approach to story-writing seems to be paying off very well. Allowing myself ten days in which to write a plot outline under thirty chapter headings I was then able to start writing the first draft. A target of one thousand words a day does not seem too much of a problem. It is, after all, only a page and a half of A4 size at twelve point, and its keeps the creative juices flowing. After only ten days I have written four chapters of the novel “Who Holds The Lamp” and have begun chapter five.

The story is progressing in a way that I did not originally plan, but that is fine. It means that it is taking on a life of its own, as did Land of the Slow-Burning Fires. That one also evolved a very long way from its original concept, allowing a structual depth probably unattainable had I tried to force myself to follow the original plot outline. As it was I let the story write itself, and I am very pleased with the result. The same is happening with Lamp.

I can see how this can become addictive. The more I write, the complex and interwoven becomes the fabric of the society of the Calion Islands, the more complete and intricate the geography and history that forms the superstructure of the narrative. This is fun.

Meanwhile my Agent “Georgina” at Writers’ Literary Agency is running what she calls the Aggressive Agent Programme, which may, in the coming months, bear fruit. Who can tell? That is important, of course, but not central. The important thing is the story.

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