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A milestone.

I have been continuing the thousand-word-a-day routine and it has certainly paid off well. I have now finished chapter thirteen ‘An Incident at Iradarekka’, which finishes strongly. I am about one third of the way through the novel, which is a milestone indeed, but I now have to pause for a moment. I know what is going to happen and where the various parties need to be, but I have not quite worked out how they get there. This is not writer’s block in the proper sense of the word, but a pause to reconsider things are the plot outline, which I work with very closely, is now moving further and further away from the plot. Should I replot the outline? I think so. As in ‘The Land of the Slow-Burning Fires’ things are are going very much in their own way and the old outline makes things confusing.

Confusion aside, I am very pleased with the result so far, which is certainly challenging the imagination. I have to look once more at the positions of the various parties. Marac is about the taken into Morlunaidis custody where he will meet Ancar; that is clear, Talivan and Arandis are safe for the moment in Chailam Tambar, that much is clear. Colubal is raising his troops and heading in regal wrath towards Calion Ulu, and Komal is off to Ortamora to raise an army against the Morlunaidis. But what of Urlé? I have not really thought about her. Perhaps I should see what is happening – or has been happening – to her. Yes, I think that that would be the next step.

Ancar and Marac are going to have to make a snap decision when they return to Iradarekka – on to Chailam Tambar, or away to Ortamora? No, Morikan is closer and halfway between both Chailam Tambar and Ortamora. And there is a Temple of Haldin there! Yes, of course! Why did I not see this before?

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