I have done it. I have finished the first draft of “The Lampholder”,  formerly “The One Who Holds The Lamp”, originally “No Middle Way”. It took ninety-one days and is 120,000 words long, so I think that I have done fairly well. It just goes to show the power of the ‘thousand words a day’ rule.

What I have in mind now is to sit back and do a bit of re-reading and editting, of which there is quite a bit to be done. I have to go over all four novels now, and get things straightened out. There is a lot to do on “The Heart of Fire” and that will take me some time, and I intend to re-read “A Song at Daybreak” as I now feel that there are one or two minor changes to be made there as well. “The Land of the Slow-Burning Fires” will have to wait for a while.

The glossary needs a lot of attention if I am going to make head or tail of the overall narrative, and the extended biographies of the various characters needs attention. Overall there is a great deal to do. I shall probably never get it finished in my lifetime, but it will be fun trying.

Although I want to start revising, I am also in something of a quandary in that I have two further plot outlines bursting to get out. What I had originally planned as a final chapter and an epilogue for “The Lampholder” has expanded into a full-scale plot under a working title of “Thirty-Two days”. What is more, while sitting in the garden today, it occurred to me that Raela is a rather more important character than I might ever have imagined. She has a very great part to play, and I cannot just bid her farewell in Threeriversmeet.

So much to do.

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