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It has to get out.

I had not intended to start writing another novel just yet, but when it starts wriggling around like mad, you have to let it get out and see what it does. I thought a lot about things and the final notion fell into place; control of resources, particularly of the invaluable copper. The Kendaic controlled the only known source of copper in the Calion Islands at that time, the City of Kendas being virtually on top of a copper mine, and the system of Chailam was built to protect the trade routes that gave them a monopoly of its distribution. Finding copper deposits in the hinterland beyond the Heart of Fire would change everything, assuming that the Romelial took control of them, but if the Temple of Haldin had designs on them that would make the power struggle even more complex.

I could not keep this locked up any more. The plot outline now runs to over five thousand words and I had got to the point of dividing individual chaprters into parts. It was time to begin. I opened chapter one this morning at about 0930. Let us see where this leads us.

A Quandary

Despite the best of intentions to comprehensively edit ‘The Heart of Fire’, ‘The Land of the Long-Burning Fires’ and ‘The Lampholder’, my mind keeps running away with me. I have done considerable work on ‘Fire’, and the more I read it the more I realise that I have to explain Aralien’s position in much more detail, which will add at least another two chapters, but the matter of ‘A Journey in Winter’ will not so easily go away.

I have continued to chew it over and the result is that as of now it has grown into a complete outline some four thousand words long under thirty-two chapter headings. It continues to grow, little by little, every day. I have not applied the 1000 a day principle, but I have applied a more modest ‘a few words every day’ with the reslt that the narrative statement is complete and the ending clear. What am I to do? I can only do so much at any given time, and I cannot really concentrate on two things, or can I?

The screen on my little laptop computer died nearly three weeks ago and it has gone in for repairs. It will not be available for another three weeks. Besides that, Ruth and I are going to Hanmer Springs for a few days to celebrate our wedding anniversary [43 years!!]. This has but something of a dampener on creativity, but things still surge ahead in my mind. Nothing stops that. Perhaps it will all come together over the weekend, and I can see my way clear to do what I have to do.

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