Deepening concern.

I have now heard nothing from my agents since 26th February when "Leslie", of the Administration of the Aggressive Agent Programme thanked me for my patience and understanding and assured me that my submissions would be mailed out on Thursday 12 March. She also told me that she would email me the names of the companies contacted and any new information to hand. That could be some time next week, so perhaps I am being a little bit pessimistic, but nevertheless confidence in The Writers Literary Agency is rapidly ebbing. Let us not be too hasty, however, and there is a lot of time ahead.

I have done a little more writing, but not a lot, averaging only 500 words a day and today I have done nothing. I have been too busy cleaning out the shed and erecting new shelving, which is a long-overdue task. I have to have things all ship shape and bristol-like for when Beka comes to stay while we are away. Thinking of this, and Britain, and Paddy’s Day coming up, has pushed things to the back of my mind. And perhaps I am suffering a bit of creative exhaustion. I have, after all, written the equivalent of three novels in the past twelve months, one of them very quickly. Perhaps I really do need some time out.

So I shall keep an open mind. Perhaps the Writers Literary Agency really can do something other than collect money and pump out verbose emails. Perhaps ‘Georgina’, ‘Andrea’, ‘Vicki’, ‘Beth Stormes’ and all the others from whom I have heard are real people really trying to get my book published. Perhaps all that stuff that I have dug out from the internet is just so much sour grapes on the part of people who lack the talent to make the grade and have to put the blame on someone else because they cannot bear to think that their prized novel is not a work on a par with Dickens or Hemingway. Perhaps – but why go on? I am heading for Britain in a little less than three weeks. Talivan, Marac and the Writers Literary Agency can wait until I get back.


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