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Back to – what?

The trip back to Britain was as traumatic as I knew it would be. We covered a lot of ground, perhaps too much. We had a few days in Glastonbury, and a couple of nights in Beaulieu with Susan. Then there were six nights in Rome, after which we had one full day in London then headed back to Christchurch via Dubai, Bankok and Sydney. It was too much, much too much. I should have taken some time out, but things took on their own life and I was swept along in the stream.

By the time we got back to Christchurch I was totally exhausted and suffering from extreme experiential overload. It has taken five weeks for me to just get around to making an entry into this journal, and I am still not fully back to normal. [Normal? What is that?].

Creative writing has taken a back seat, obviously. Marac and Talivan are still stuck in Barbatika and are likely to remain there for a little while yet, but at least it is still comfortable there. It is going to get distinctly uncomfortable, but that can wait for a bit. I have, however, been fiddling along with little bits here and there. I have written a little more of the history of the Islands. Not much, but every little bit adds further clarification. And I have made a few preliminary notes on a new narrative.

Enter Fràr and Kyda the Bondwoman. Everything is chaotic at the moment. There are all sorts of characters and scenarios and scaps of dialogue spinning around inside, and there are lots of words to be explained. It will all come together in due course, of course, but it will take time. Time, however, I have plenty of.


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