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Moving along.

It is now about five weeks since I started chapter one of The Rivers Run High on 14th October. Yesterday I began work on chapter 16, A New Partner, which means that I have come about half way through the story. That, I think, is a pretty good effort to date. The manuscript so far runs to about 42,500 words, which is a little over a thousand words a day. Although this has been a target in previous efforts, I have not been consciously working within this stricture this time. It just goes to show what practice can do.

Am I sounding formulaic? Perhaps. The Beatles song ‘Paperback Writer’ springs to mind as a caution, but I do not think that this is a problem. I am simply approaching my storytelling in an ordered and methodical manner. I update the plot outline almost as often as I write the main story, which is as it should be. The plot evolves and the characters develop over time.

For all the alteration and additions to the outline, it has not changed in its broad picture that much since it was first written. The changes have been in the details of characterisation and plot twists. I am very pleased with the way that it is maturing. As always it is quite exciting to see how the characters come to life as time goes on, how much more real and rounded they seem, until almost I can hear them speak. Details of scenes become very, very clear; the ford at Garinesigas, the square outside the Seven Crows Inn, the chapel of Cuennu, all have become as real as the room in which I am now sitting.

I have to get on. I cannot wait to see what will happen next!

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