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Try Again

It is a new year and as usual that brings some sort of hope that things might change. This is a completely illogical sentiment, but it is something that springs up from a very deep and dark source within the human psyche; new year=fresh start. Going along with this thought I decided that it was time to seek out some sort of publishing connection, so I googled for agents. Sticking a pin in ‘H’ I began to go down the list.

The first one that appeared to be of any use was an outfit called Harvey Klinger, which is based in New York. I looked down their list of agents and one Sara Crowe seemed likely. I clicked the email button and sent off an appeal at 11:42 this morning, thinking that I would have to wait at least a month or two before I heard anything back. Nothing of the sort.

I had to go into Christchurch to do a movie review for Hans Petrovic at Plains FM, so, having flicked off my email I strolled down to the Polytech studios and did what I had to do. Then I walked back up to Cathedral Square where I had a couple of pints [three, actually] of Guinness at Bailies Bar, then walked home. When I turned the computer on I went to check my emails, as one does, and lo! there was a reply from Sara!

No, she is not interested, but thanks for thinking of her. That is hardly surprising, but I was floored by the fact that she had actually had received my email and had replied by 12.22 – within half an hour if it being sent! Sara Crowe is not interested in my contribution to the world’s literature, but she is certainly on the ball! Thank you, Sara. You have done much to restore my confidence in literary agents. After my unfortunate experience with the Writers Literary people, it is wonderful to discover that there are professionals out there.

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