Monthly Archives: March 2010

Now what?

Yesterday I finished “The Rivers Run High”, and as ever I feel a wonderful sense of accomplishment. As I began it on the 6th of October this means that I have taken a little other five months, which is a good time to spend, neither too long, nor too short. I ended up with thirty-two chapters and a little over ninety thousand words, which is a good length.

I feel a lot easier about this one. I have kept it on the level of pure adventure, with only a hint of anything more compex, which means it has been much simpler write, and will be much simpler to edit and correct. I have a few idea that I must add, and a few points that I must clarify, but the editting process should not be too prolonged.

Then what? Have another crack at getting something published? Better luck this time? Is it worth the bother?

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