A weekend at Kaikoura.

We spent some of Easter weekend at Kaikoura, staying at the Norfolk Pine Motel on The Esplanade, about fifteen minutes easy stroll from the Town Centre. We had one of the two front units and found it to be very acceptable. From the spacious lounge a large picture window looks out over the foreshore to the north-east, allowing a fine and quite unimpeded view out across the bay. The bedroom is likewise roomy, with a door connecting it to the bathroom so that in the event of a third person sleeping in the front room, one can move to and from the toilet without disturbing anyone else. There is a full-size, four element range rogether with all the necessary utensils, so that Icould have cooked full meals – if I had felt so inclined, which I did not. I found the motel to be most comfortable, very clean, and the amenities excellent. What is more, one hundred metres to the west is a café that serves cooked breakfasts, while one hundred paces to the east is a very nice little restaurant that is open in the evenings. Four stars for the Norfolk Pine Motel, for sure.

Instead of cooking at the unit we ate out. Our first evening, the Saturday night, being fine and not to chilly, we strolled down to the Sonic, a Monteiths outlet at the easternmost end of the Town Centre. It has a large deck that commands excellent views of the mountains to the north, which we enjoyed as we waited for our meals, a process that took some considerable time, but we were in no hurry. My steak and chips, when it arrived, was competantly done, although I have had better. There was certainly plenty of it. Ruth had scallops in a mild chilli tomato sauce, very attractively arranged in a series of shells around a central salad, as well as a plate of chips on the side. The two meals plus a small cider for Ruth and  two pints of  Guinness for me came to $94, which is certainly not cheap but probably par for the course. The meal was all right, the service could have been a lot better, and the view was marvellous. Would I go there for dinner agin? I doubt it. Two and a half stars only.

I had intended to do a lot of reading and editing of ‘The Rivers Run High’, which I have now renamed, more appropriately I think, ‘The Amulet of the Hunter God’. I have made a good start, but my heart is not really in it at the moment. Perhaps later.

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