Treading Water.

The trip to Sydney has come and gone. We stayed, as we did on our last visit a couple of years ago, at Challis Lodge in Potts Point. This is a small, very basic hostelry with primitive plumbing and few amenities, but it has a lot of advantages. It is very cost-effective at what worked out at $NZ760.00 for six nights. The room we had was adequate, although the bed was on castors and tended to creep around. On the other hand, we had our own little balcony overlooking the street. It was only ten minutes’ walk up Macleay Street to the Alamein Fountain and the heart of Kings Cross, and there was a bus stop a hundred metres away where we pick up to go right down to Circular Quay via Woolloomooloo.

We spent our five whole days doing the tourist thing; the Museum of Sydney, Government House, the Art Gallery, St Mary’s Cathedral, the Old Mint etcetera, etcetera. We took the underground from Kings Cross to the City and walked down George Street, exploring the Victoria Building and its maze of underground tunnels full of little shops. We took the ferry to Manly and back, and then another to Watsons Bay and back, and we had a day at Taranga Park Zoo. We ate at cheap eateries at Kings Cross. One pub offered an amazing bargain of steak and chips for $A10 per head, and the steaks were thick, tender and perfectly cooked. In short we were a typical elderly tourist couple doing the economy level tour.

Our evenings were spent at Challis Lodge. We would go out for tea and then return to our room. Ruth would read in bed and eventually drift off, and I would sit at the table on the balcony and stare out over the darkling sky, thinking, dreaming all sorts of dreams. But not of Calion. I did not even open the book to start the revision of Amulet. No energy for that, I am afraid. Nor any still. I feel that I am treading intellectual water at the moment, keeping my head afloat, drifting nowhere particularly. Waiting. For what?

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  • realruth  On 25/08/2010 at 18:13

    I question the phrase “elderly tourist couple”. Don’t you know that 60 is the new 40?

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