Eating out in Christchurch 01.

Pepperoni, Stanmore Road.

Last night, in an atypical burst of spontaneity, we decided to eat out for a change. We selected the Pepperoni, a little Italian restaurant in Stanmore Road just north of the river. It is less than a kilometre away and once upon a time we might have ventured there on foot, but not now. We drove and were there in five minutes.

The décor, for an Italian restaurant, was refreshingly simple. No Italian flags. No posters of the Colosseum. No bits of Vespa motor-scooters. If anything, the place reminded me of coffee bars in the 1960s, the fabric draped along the ceiling giving a tent-like effect that was quite popular in those days.

The tables and chairs were all different. By that, I mean that each group of table and chairs was a set, and different from all the others, which added to the rather home-made atmosphere that, again, re-enforced the feel of the 60s. Every table had a wine bottle with a candle, and just to complete the picture, the windows had narrow Venetian blinds. I felt quite nostalgic.

The menu was comprehensive, with a list of seventeen or eighteen pizzas as well as a range of pastas. I selected a Margherita – my favourite – while Ruth ordered Gnocchi [which the waitress pronounced ‘nocki’] and a side salad. I had a glass of Peroni beer to quench the thirst, with a glass of very adequate house red with the pizza, while Ruth had a house white.

Despite that the place was doing a brisk business, our meals were served quickly and efficiently, and were of excellent quality. The service was excellent; fast, friendly and professional [if lacking a little in the niceties of Italian pronunciation], the food very good, and the ambiance cosy and appealing. All this for $63.00. We shall be back.

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  • Cathryn  On 29/01/2011 at 02:09

    It sounds good, glad you enjoyed. How would you pronounce Gnocchi though? I think its normally something fairly like ‘nocki’ – maybe nyo-key

    • poddimok  On 29/01/2011 at 06:39

      The double consonent takes a glottal stop as in pizza [peet-za] or piazza [pee-at-za], ergo gnocchi [not-chee]. I am relearning a lot of this stuff thanks to my current studies in Old Babylonian – which is not even remotely like Italian, and I do not think that the Babylonians did pasta. They did tremaki sauce instead.

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