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Thanks to Hazel

My sincerest thanks to Hazel Ashton, who has written the first ever review of my novel The Amulet of the Hunter God. If anyone who would like to read it, check it out on It might even inspire you to write a review of your own! For those who may object on principal to engaging with Amazon, the publisher’s website is

What dream will you choose?

Human sacrifice? Maidens in distress? Drunken brawls? Cavalry charges across blood-stained rivers? Divination in the misty light of ancient temples?

The Islands of the Sixteen Gods Book 1: The Amulet of the Hunter God by Stephen Symons (Fantasy)

Blood on the sand? Little birds twittering in the dawn? Avalanches? Skinny dipping in secluded springs?

Do any of these sound like you? In that case you would probably enjoy The Amulet of the Hunter God, a new novel by Stephen Symons and the first in the series The Islands of the Sixteen Gods. Available from and also from Amazon online bookstores [I think].

Dreams Can Come True.

I have often thought about what I want to be when I grow up: space ship captain, multi-media mega star, king of the world, all the ususal unoriginal things. My secret desire, that I shared with very few, was to be a published author. That dream has now come true, and my first novel, ‘The Amulet of the Hunter God’ is now available for downloading from and from Amazon online bookstores for the piffling sum of $US3.99. Welcome to my dream.

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