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Off we go.

I have started writing a blog because Cathryn, my daughter, said that this is the best way to add tags to this website. Cathryn knows a lot about websites, and I know very little. In fact my knowledge of things electronic is rudimentary, so I shall follow her advice. I began this website on the advice on my Agent, who thought that it would be a good idea to have something ready for potential publishers to have a look at. My Agent knows a lot about publishers and I know very little, so I followed her advice. Anyone who reads this will conclude that I am a born follower. It looks as if I have said the wrong thing again. But that is the story of my life.

But back to the matter in hand, which is the embedding of tags into this blog. If I have tags, I am told, search engines will pick them up and they will be googled to the universe. I really am not interested in trying to get the universe to do anything. All I really want to do is write stories and give someone else the pleasure of sharing my world. If your pleasure is sharing the worlds of others, then perhaps there is something here for you. If that is not your pleasure, pop back to the google search page.

If you enjoy drifting through worlds of fantasy, hearing of strange places, and alternative universes, I have something that may interest you. It is a novel called A Song at Daybreak, and I shall talk of it more anon. In the meantime, I shall place tags in this blog. I hope.


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