005 Recipes

Food is one of the few pleasures that transcends age, and I have always been partial to my grub. I like good food very much, but unfortunately I cannot afford to dine out a lot. Therefore if I am to have interesting or novel dishes I have to prepare things myself.

I have been collecting recipes ever since I was in my mid-teens, and some recipes have been around since then, but they have changed. As I learn new cooking techniques, or new ingredients become available, old favourites gradually evolve into new favourites. Ergo the recipes have to be re-written from time to time, which is where this little website comes in. I have started the process of re-doing as many of my recipes as I fancy, and I shall post the recipes up here at the rate of one a week. If I remember.

Be advised, however, that I do not present myself as a master chef or a gourmet cook. I am neither. I am simply a middling good home cook who likes trying new things, simplifying old ones, and keeping the process as quick and as hassle-free as possible. I do not do fancy sauces, or complex haut cuisine dishes, and I have nothing much at all to say about method. If you want to learn method, I would recommend four books, the most excellent culinary tomes of all; The Tante Marie Cookbook, the Maria Hazan Cookbook, the Australian Womans Weekly Cookbook, and the Larousse Gastronomique. These four will give you all that you could ever conceivably want to know about cooking.

Having said that, I leave you to the list. Please try them. You are very welcome to copy them and make them your own, and I would appreciate any comments or criticisms. Bon Appetit.

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