091 Britannia Capta – an historical essay.

I have been fascinated by the history of Roman Britain since the early 1950’s when, as a small boy, I explored the digs at nearby Verulamium, Roman St Albans. I read bits here and there, but it was not until the late 1980s that I felt motivated to start studying in a serious and structured manner. I took up the challenge in earnest, subscribing to the Roman Society’s journals ‘Brittania’ and ‘The Journal of Roman Studies’, and purchasing a steady stream of academic texts from Oxbow Books and Hadrian books.

As I learn by writing things down, I decided that the best way to approach my studies was to write an ever-evolving narrative history of Roman Britain, a project that I dubbed ‘Britannia Capta’.

It is incomplete and badly in need of updating and editting. My word, I have only been at it for twenty years. The work is barelly begun  and I have for some years now been distracted by other projects. But it is still here, and someday I shall get back to work on it. In the meantime I have put it out here in cyberspace for anyone to have a look at. You are very welcome to use any part of it that you wish, and I sincerely hope that someone will comment from time to time. I look forward to that.


Stephen Symons.

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