Welsh Rarebit

An ancient British breakfast staple that has been around for centuries. Very easy, very quick, and very tasty.



1 cup grated tasty cheese.

25g butter

1 tsp Worcestershire sauce

1 tsp hot English mustard.

2 teaspoons flour

Dash salt.

2 grinds peppercorns.

4 tblsp beer.

4 slices toast.



Preheat the grille to hot. Place all the ingredients [except the toast] into a small pan over gentle heat and stir well until fully combined into a thick, smooth paste. Spread over the toast slices and place under the grille. Cook until brown and bubbling.

If you do not like beer, you can use almost any liquid; water, milk, cider, wine, cream etc.


Serves: 1-4, depending on serving size.

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